High Performance

Forget Multitasking, Welcome Monotasking

You have finally arranged your study table. You open your laptop to start your new project. You have started creating the plans for it, and then you hear a “Ping” on your smartphone. What will be your immediate reaction?  Many of us will agree to the fact that we will check our phone to have… Read More Forget Multitasking, Welcome Monotasking


Journey of An Entrepreneur- Success through Failure

The word “entrepreneur” is buzzing all around the world. Many people have become entrepreneurs, and many of them are carving their way out to become entrepreneurs. Open your Instagram account and search for #entrepreneur and you will see a series of quotes with fancy backgrounds. You are shown a life that is filled with luxury… Read More Journey of An Entrepreneur- Success through Failure

High Performance

How To Build Self-Confidence?

When I was a little girl, I was filled with all the self-confidence of the world. But then, things started to change. I started encountering situations where mean things were said to me. I also encountered my fair share of failures. Slowly and slowly, my self-confidence was shattered into pieces. And I had to work… Read More How To Build Self-Confidence?