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    PC 1: Why I Start My Day With A Self-Help Book?

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Are you starting your day right? Recently, I have formed this habit of starting my day with a self-help book and it has done wonder to me. It helped me to be thoughtful about my actions and made me more reflective. Are you starting your day right? Recently, I have formed this habit of starting my day with a self-help book and it has done wonder to me. It helped me to be thoughtful about my actions and made me more reflective. Reading a self-help book has also made it easier for me to stick to my affirmations and goals. And the best part is when…

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    Why I Start My Day With A Self-Help Book?

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Recently, I have made it a habit to read a book daily. In my childhood, I was an avid reader of fiction books. But now I have shifted to non-fiction books and I have primarily focused myself to read a few pages of self-help book daily. When I started this habit, I used to read for 30 minutes before I hit the bed, but around a month ago, I have started reading these books an hour after I wake up. And trust me, this has made a huge difference in my life and I am here to share my lessons with you.  Extra Resource: The 10…

  • 3 Career Lessons That You Can Take From Rachel Green
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    3 Career Lessons That You Can Take From Rachel Green

    Reading Time: 3 minutes FRIENDS is one of my favorite series and why not? Don’t you agree that it’s an evergreen series? Recently, while watching the series, I realized that the character that showed the maximum growth in the FRIENDS series is undoubtedly Rachel Green. Starting with zero ideas about anything remotely related to a job to finally getting impressive offers from both Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren, she became a career hero. And trust me, I am not saying this just because she ended up with lucrative jobs but because we all ended up seeing her entire growth journey. So without further ado, let us begin the career lessons…

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    Dear Ex, Thank You For Breaking Up With Me

    Reading Time: 4 minutes “I am attracted towards a colleague of mine and I think things are not working between us. It’s over…” You said this hurriedly as your new found love was waiting on the other side of the call. And just like that within a minute, everything was over.  I felt my world crumbled, I was devastated then but I am happy now. Little did I know that I messed up with the foundation of my so-called little world. I remember telling you like a little child that you can keep us both and I feel like slapping myself for stooping so low. Back then, everything felt black…

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    Be Your Own Valentine This Year

    Reading Time: 5 minutes For the past many years, I felt worthless as a human being. Why? Because I allowed people around me and my negative circumstances to define my self-worth. The result? I became a girl who used to walk with her head held low. As a teenager, we all go through some troubled time, and I wasn’t an exception to it. But instead of coping up with everything in a positive manner, I started questioning my self-worth. I started doubting whether I deserved to be loved or not. When I asked myself this question, without even knowing I gave the people around me the power to tell me…

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    Kickass Your Day With A Morning Routine

    Reading Time: 3 minutes If you read the interviews of the successful people around the globe, you will find one thing in common. They all have a morning routine that they follow rigorously, no matter what.  Having a morning routine is critical to ensure that you have a productive day ahead. If your morning goes well, you can be sure of the fact that your entire day will be good. There are many websites out there that will suggest you to do an ample number of things in your morning routine, and that can be very intimidating! Such a large list prevent us from taking even the very first step…

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    Kill The Self-Doubt To Grow Your Business

    Reading Time: 4 minutes I have often heard phrases like: “You are lazy.” “You are not beautiful enough.” “You don’t have the potential to do it.” “That idea sounds so absurd!” “You are not intelligent enough.” I am sure you have heard your share of negative comments too.  Such comments make us feel bad. But what we don’t realize is that gradually due to such negative feedbacks, we start doubting ourself. And this self-doubt can kill the business that you are planning to start or might have already begun.  Self-Doubt is your biggest enemy Self-doubt is your biggest enemy, and you need to eliminate this self-doubt to soar high in…

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    Try Asking These 5 Questions Daily In 2019

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Finally, 2019 is here! You must be ready with your resolutions and your plan to achieve the high goals. When we create our new year resolution, we focus on a macro scale. But your daily habits and routines decide whether you would be able to achieve and complete those resolutions or not. It becomes crucial to focus on your daily stuff to achieve something bigger later. One easy way of monitoring your daily routine is by asking the right question to yourself. And here are the five questions that you should ask yourself daily in 2019 to ensure you are engaging in personal development. 5 Questions…

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    Entrepreneurship And Introversion: Can It Be The Perfect Match?

    Reading Time: 5 minutes As soon as we hear the word “introvert,” we come across the image of a loner, quiet or shy person. And we associate these traits with a person who doesn’t possess the social acumen for being an entrepreneur or for climbing the corporate ladder. The question that we need to ask is how accurate this assumption is? Are you someone who identify yourself as an introvert? Did this identification make you assume that entrepreneurship is not for you? If the answer is yes, you need to reconsider your decision. If you check the list of successful entrepreneurs, you will find a long list of entrepreneurs who…

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    Prepare Yourself For 2019 Right Now!

    Reading Time: 3 minutes We all have this notion that 1st January is some sort of magical day when everything will change magically. If you are someone who is waiting for 1st January, then let me remind you that there is nothing special about this date. You might be waiting for the new year to create a change for the good. But why do you have to wait for the new year? You will not magically pick up a habit or a new lifestyle on that very day. So, the wiser thing to do is focus on today. Start working on your goals right now instead of waiting for the…