• break-up-passionate-chic

    Dear Ex, Thank You For Breaking Up With Me

    Reading Time: 4 minutes “I am attracted towards a colleague of mine and I think things are not working between us. It’s over…” You said this hurriedly as your new found love was waiting on the other side of the call. And just like that within a minute, everything was over.  I felt my world crumbled, I was devastated then but I am happy now. Little did I know that I messed up with the foundation of my so-called little world. I remember telling you like a little child that you can keep us both and I feel like slapping myself for stooping so low. Back then, everything felt black…

  • High Performance

    Be Your Own Valentine This Year

    Reading Time: 5 minutes For the past many years, I felt worthless as a human being. Why? Because I allowed people around me and my negative circumstances to define my self-worth. The result? I became a girl who used to walk with her head held low. As a teenager, we all go through some troubled time, and I wasn’t an exception to it. But instead of coping up with everything in a positive manner, I started questioning my self-worth. I started doubting whether I deserved to be loved or not. When I asked myself this question, without even knowing I gave the people around me the power to tell me…