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Why I Start My Day With A Self-Help Book?

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Recently, I have made it a habit to read a book daily. In my childhood, I was an avid reader of fiction books. But now I have shifted to non-fiction books and I have primarily focused myself to read a few pages of self-help book daily. When I started this habit, I used to read for 30 minutes before I hit the bed, but around a month ago, I have started reading these books an hour after I wake up. And trust me, this has made a huge difference in my life and I am here to share my lessons with you. 

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1. It Gets Easier To Stick With A Positive Affirmation

When you read a self-help book, you are flooded with many positive thoughts. And it gets so much easier to firmly stick with a positive affirmation throughout your day. You will notice an improvement in your vibe and eventually, you will end up carving paths to stay happy and brimming with positive energy and you will have a very fruitful day. 

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2. You Make Better Choices

The lessons that you have learned in the morning forces you to reflect on your actions. You engage yourself in positive actions and make better choices. Also, if you want to introspect your actions in a better manner, I would recommend you to keep a journal. It works!

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3. You Enhance Your Life With Self-Help Books

When you read good book, you discover hidden gems in it. We all know what is right and what is not but still we end up doing the wrong things. When you start your day with a good book, you enhance your life bit by bit, and soon, in no time, you will grow as a person. 

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4. You Complete Your Daily Goals 

I believe that when someone picks a self-help book, they have a desire to improve their life. And reading a book early in the morning makes it so much easier to improve the life. I would suggest you to plan out your day after you have read few pages of a book and then crush the goal that you have created for the day. It is important to ensure that the fire inside you fuels you in taking action and trust me, reading a book will definitely fuel you and give you a tremendous amount of positive energy. 


5. You Get Ample Opportunities To Apply The Lessons Of The Self-Help Book

It is rightly said that reading is not enough, you need to apply the lessons that you have learned. When you read a book as soon as you wake up, you get ample number of opportunities to apply the lessons that you have gained from that particular book. 


I am not asking you to read an entire book, even twenty pages of a book daily will suffice. Like any other habit, even this one is easy to start but hard to stick. If you really want to improve your life by taking one step daily, then you should definitely stick to it. The habit of reading a self-help book daily in the early morning has tremendously improved my life and it might work for you too! I forgot to tell you that you need to have a solid morning ritual to cultivate this habit. [Read: Kickass You Day With A Morning Routine]

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