About Us

How did ‘Passionate Chic’ Start?

When I was a kid, I used to search for random self-improvement stuff. After growing up, I felt the need of having a place that is dedicated only for the women out there to improve their life. Most of the blog and websites that are available for the women are surrounded around themes of lifestyle and fashion. I wanted a change and therefore ended up creating Passionate Chic. The Passionate Chic is a platform for all the girls and ladies to indulge in activities and topics that can help them to improve their life. 

What Kind Of Content Will You Find Here?

‘Passionate Chic’ is your perfect blend of both light and intense topics. The aim is to provide you with a website which will help you to grow. From business to spiritual topic, you will find all the content that you need to grow as a person. So, are you ready to take work on yourself? If yes, then “Passionate Chic” is for you. 

Passionate Chic

About Me


Hi! I am Nilakshi Pathak. I am from India and I have been a content writer since 2014. After entering in the world content writers, I slowly grew interest in blogging. And soon, after that, I launched a website “With The Coffee”. “Passionate Chic” is my second website where I deal with self-improvement topics. I have pursued my Masters in Geography from Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University. I have a huge interest in philosophy and spirituality. During my free time, I engage myself in sketching and reading novels.