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    Anti-Feminism In The Name Of True Feminism

    What is feminism? For me, feminism is all about equality. And I’m talking about equality in all aspects i.e., political, economic and social aspects of the sexes. When we are talking about feminism, we are talking about gender equality. So, when you say, “I believe in gender equality, but I am not a feminist,” you are showing your ignorance. If you believe in gender equality, you are a feminist. Period. Why Do We Talk About Feminism Instead Of Equality? Another question that I frequently encounter is, “Why do we need the term feminism when the word equality exists?” If you are wondering the same, here’s your answer: We need the…

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    My Life In The COVID-19 Lockdown

    What has changed during the COVID-19 lockdown? Delhi is getting hotter by the day. Instead of the usual hustle and bustle and sweaty figures on the road, one finds nothing but the empty streets. By the evening, one can see a few people enjoying the evening weather on their balcony. The usual commotion and the honking of the vehicles are gone. The chirping of the birds has replaced the noisy sounds. Locked inside the house, I sense something has changed quite drastically for sure, the different types of birds that have started visiting my garden is proof of it. Perhaps, the only constant thing is the shouting of the vegetable…