Easy Ways To Brighten Up Your Mood

Are you under stress and looking for easy ways to brighten up your mood? Life cannot always be happy, bad days happen every now and then. Whether you want to carry the vibe of the bad day or want to twist it to give the day your own positive vibe is totally up to you. Today, we will talk about eight easy ways to brighten up your mood. 


8 Ways To Improve Your Mood In Less Than 10 Minutes 

1. Try guided meditation 


Stress often results in uneven breathing. Most of the time, the breathing rate increases and this can also lead to uneasiness. One of the best ways to take control of the stress is by focusing on the breathing rate. In one of the Art of Living class, I was told that once we take control of our breathing, we can take control of the stress. If you are having difficulty meditating, try a guided meditation to calm yourself. 

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2. Put your phone on a flight mode 


If you are feeling stressed, you need to address the stress first. That is the best way of coping with stress; never ignore it, resulting in a problem later. Try to spend some alone time with yourself and to give yourself that silence, put your phone on a flight mode for a few minutes or hours, till you feel comfortable in socializing again. 

3. Do something creative 


We often consume media. Give yourself a break, and instead of consuming media, try creating something for a change. When was the last time when you indulged in your hobby? Try to spend some time pursuing your hobby to feel your creative energy. 

4. Play a party playlist 


While reading The Secret book, I came across a quick way of changing the vibe of a bad day. If you are having a bad day, turn on the party playlist, play some party songs and shake your legs. You will feel a lot better. Also, isn’t this a great way of exercising?

5. Read a book 


Reading a book is a great way of entertaining yourself with your imagination. Whether you want to read a fiction book or a non-fiction book, it is totally up to you. Try reading for 30 minutes for a start. Don’t forget to mark it in GoodReads. 

6. Journal your thoughts 

Journaling is a great way of keeping your feelings and thoughts in check and recording your experiences. Journaling allows you to check your progress and growth and even your failure, and it has proven to reduce stress and anxiety for many. Journaling further will help you to make your life worth reading about. 

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7. Have a cup of coffee/tea


A cup of coffee is a wonderful way of banishing the blue. A study published by the Archives of Internal Medicine has revealed that more coffee results in less depression. I am in no way suggesting you to become a coffee addict but I am simply suggesting to you that, a cup of coffee, or tea, if you are a tea person, will help you to feel good. 

8. Go out for a walk/run

Running and walking is simply not amazing for your physical health but also for your mental health too. If you are feeling sluggish, move your ass and run! Running results in a calmer mind and increased productivity. Recently, I have started running and trust me when I say that it feels so damn good! Don’t believe me? Try asking a runner how do they feel after a good run. 

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