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Entrepreneurship And Introversion: Can It Be The Perfect Match?

As soon as we hear the word “introvert,” we come across the image of a loner, quiet or shy person. And we associate these traits with a person who doesn’t possess the social acumen for being an entrepreneur or for climbing the corporate ladder. The question that we need to ask is how accurate this assumption is?

Are you someone who identify yourself as an introvert? Did this identification make you assume that entrepreneurship is not for you? If the answer is yes, you need to reconsider your decision. If you check the list of successful entrepreneurs, you will find a long list of entrepreneurs who are introvert. To begin with, take the example of Bill Gates. He has been identified as someone who is quiet, bookish and introvert in an interview on the Huffington Post. Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg are no different. This may come as a surprise, but the introverts have proved time and again to be the best entrepreneurs. 

Having said this, entrepreneurship can be a bit challenging for the introverts, but that shouldn’t stop you from becoming an entrepreneur. Because entrepreneurship isn’t easy for anyone and another point that should be noted is that no one has ever every succeeded by staying in their comfort zone.[Read: Journey Of An Entrepreneur] If it is problematic for the introverts, it is also problematic for the extroverts. Being an introvert, you should know about your strengths and then, you should know how to use these strengths. 

Strengths Of Introverts That Help Them In Entrepreneurship

1. Their focus is on creation

One thing that you can be sure is of the fact that introverts do not want to be the center of the attention. They believe in working hard in silence, and they let success make the noise. And also, by staying away from the hustle and bustle, it is easier for them to focus. 


2. They engage themselves in a well-thought-out plan

Introverts spend their time in solitude and it allows them to think clearly about their next moves. They remain distraction-free and this helps them to build a well thought out plan. 


3. They are good listeners

Introverts are good listeners and this, in turn, help them to empathize with the people. This skill can be used for handling business solutions in a better manner. The introverts consume information in a better way and this allows them to provide with the best solution critically. 


4. They take all the ideas into consideration 

Waylae Gregoire of NextShark wrote that extroverts are most likely to promote their own business plans. However, the introverts consider multiple ideas and after considering everything, they bring the best solution on the table. Their ego never cloud their judgment. 


5. They are humble

The humble nature of the introverts allows them to see through people’s perspective. They are open to accepting their mistakes and they do their best to make things right. Also, success in the business doesn’t make them extra proud and this acts a plus point in the long run.


How To Maximise Your Potential As An Introverted Entrepreneur?

If used correctly, your introversion can be a powerful tool. Speaking, networking and engagement might be a bit difficult. However, you can make it easy by using these tips. 

1. Maximize your leadership potential by welcoming suggestions and supporting your employees

Introverts can be really good bosses. Feel free to take suggestions from your employees and don’t forget to support them. Extroverts are often threatened by employee proactivity. However, that isn’t the case for you, right? There may be many approaches to reach a particular goal. Allow your employees to run their own ideas if you think the idea will work. 


2. Consider an extrovert partner

A wise person partners with a person who can balance out their weakness. For example, Steve Wozniak (introvert) and Steve Jobs (extrovert). They together started Apple Computer. Steve Wozniak took the responsibility of product development whole Steve Jobs was in charge of marketing. So, find a partner who is an extrovert for creating a fine balance. 


3. Say yes, one to one meetings

Introverts are not bad with people. They might not like a large group of strangers but they do pretty well with a small group of people. So, consider scheduling one to one meetings or a meeting with a small group of people.


4. Self-promotion by using your strength 

Self-promotion is necessary for business. If you face problem in promoting yourself in a social event, consider doing it through your writings. Write a blog, or do a social media campaign to promote yourself. And instead of attending social events, consider hosting one. 


5. Use your alone time to brainstorm ideas

Instead of taking your solitude as a liability, use it to recharge yourself. Use the solitude time to brainstorm your ideas. 

Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t use your introversion as an excuse from the hustle and the other factors which are required to become a successful entrepreneur. If you are really passionate about your idea, you will have to move out of your comfort zone to achieve it. If you consider introversion as your weakness, then work on it! Say no to excuses and you will be all ready for entrepreneurship!

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