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Journey of An Entrepreneur- Success through Failure

journey-of-an-entrepreneurThe word “entrepreneur” is buzzing all around the world. Many people have become entrepreneurs, and many of them are carving their way out to become entrepreneurs. Open your Instagram account and search for #entrepreneur and you will see a series of quotes with fancy backgrounds. You are shown a life that is filled with luxury and to be honest; it seems like an easy job to be an entrepreneur. But it’s not.

You will see all the fancy things out there, but the truth is everything is not that fancy. Reach out a true entrepreneur, and you will see their hustle, the amount of struggle that they have to go through and also, you will recognize the risk that they are taking and you will even notice the fear that they face. Social media often forgets to show these true emotions of an entrepreneur.

It’s Okay to Fail!

Failure for the entrepreneurs has become part and parcel of their lives. If you want to become an entrepreneur, you should be able to look forward to a couple of failures too. Most often the word ‘failure’ is used negatively but if you look deeply, there is nothing wrong in it because it has its own way of rewarding!

‘Failure’ can be used negatively if you fail to learn from it. Being an entrepreneur, you should have the ability to gain the lessons which are hidden in it and then move forward with your experiences to create a better product or to provide a better service. 

People don’t drown from falling in the water; they drown from staying there.”

-Steve Sim, Personal Development Coach

With every failure, you get a chance to discover because Try+Fail+Learn = Discover

You have to become smart with your experiences instead of losing hopes. 

Being An Entrepreneur Is Not Fancy

Life is full of ups and downs and it is also applicable to the life of an entrepreneur. These struggles make the result so sweet. Try to look past the superficial things to know about the failures, mistakes, and missteps of an entrepreneur. These dim situations may create moments of doubts and giving up looks the easy way out because we all know failure is hard to swallow. But the point is if it had been easy, everyone would be doing it, isn’t it?

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

An entrepreneurial mindset can only be developed when you experience failure, but you still keep pushing yourself towards your goal. The attitude that you should carry with yourself is the “Never Giving Up” attitude!

Many people don’t even consider failure as a possibility and that’s where they go wrong because it becomes difficult for them to accept failure. When you consider it as a possibility, you actually prepare yourself for it and it becomes easier for you to tackle the situation. See failure as a challenge! This attitude will remove the fear of failure from your mind and when this happens, there will be nothing that can hold you back from becoming a successful entrepreneur.


The Journey Of An Entrepreneur

The journey of an entrepreneur can be clearly divided into four distinct stages. 

1. The Adrenaline Rush

Do you want to become an entrepreneur? The first thing that you will do is quit your existing job. You will start your business. You are filled with extreme energy to show the world the idea that you have. And you will start feeling like a king/queen who now has the power to control their destiny. 

2. Working Your Ass Off

For the next few months or years, you will sacrifice everything, and you will work like a crazy person. You will be discussing about your plans and the things that you are doing with every third person you talk to. You will slog yourself 12 to 16 hours in a day and if you are in luck, you will also see a quick growth in your business. 

3. You Start Questioning

Constantly succeeding is a myth. You will encounter a stage, where the growth becomes stagnant or even starts falling. You might lose one or two important clients. Many people are not prepared for this stage in their entrepreneurial journey. Most of the businesses fail in this stage!

4. Your Response Decides This Stage

When you encounter the questioning stage, it is important for you to keep in your mind that perseverance is essential. How you react to stage three will decide the future of your business. After encountering the very first failure, if you end up giving up, there is no future for your business. But if you consider those encounters as a small failure from where you can learn big lessons, you will end up taking a step forward to expand your business with the valuable lessons that you have learned. 


The success and failure in business is a never-ending loop and you will face it again and again. But when you start encountering a similar pattern multiple numbers of times, you get used to it and things will become easier for you to manage. You might fail 99 times but that one win out of 100 is crucial. Keep pitching but get used to hearing “No.” All you need is “One Yes.” 

Macro-Failure and Micro-Failure

Most of us face micro-failure, but we end up picturing it so big that it starts looking like a macro-failure to us. Let me explain you the difference between macro-failure and micro-failure. Macro-failure is dying; it is about directly going out of the business world. And a micro-failure might come in the form of losing a client or a deal. You should know that you will face micro-failures but you always have to keep the big picture in your mind. 

It Is All About The Mindset

Micro-failures are small stepping stones towards your macro-success. So, treat it just like a stepping stone instead of taking it as an excuse of moving out of the business. The easy part of becoming an entrepreneur is starting a business. The difficult part is converting that tiny business into a profitable and lasting business. The secret of it lies in persistence!

Keep pushing your boundaries, step out of your comfort zone, learn from your mistakes and keep going ahead. In the end, the reward will be worth it! Take the risk even if it means going against all the odds. Being an entrepreneur, you truly have the power to control your destiny. But you can control it in the right manner, only after developing the entrepreneurial mindset which involves taking failures as an opportunity to learn and expand. 

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  • kaylawrites

    I love how you talk about the process and show that it’s not always glamorous! It can be easy to think that just because you have a great idea that things will naturally just happen for you. It takes time and lots of work!

  • hal

    this is such a great post! the questioning stage is so scary for me but I love how you pointed out your reaction & response to this stage is what’s so important… this is something I need to remember!

  • Jem Castor

    I really like your angle here on entrepreneurship – it’s authentic and personal. A lot of people thinks they can be entrepreneurs without hard work, but that’s not how it is.

    Super happy you decided to share your experience and talk more about entrepreneurship especially about failure.

  • Alexandra Negron

    I always say that a person grows from learning from their mistakes. I really love this post and plan on sharing it with some of my friends who are struggling as entrepreneurs.

  • Lisa Murano

    Mindset is so important to success! I’ve had a lot of those micro-failures in my business and it is hard to not let it get to you! Those failures help to hone your direction though. Amazing post!

  • Nina Bashaw

    Yes to this! I am also a small business owner and although its very rewarding job its also an incredibly hard one. It’s a huge challenge to keep up with everything you need to do for your business and not get overwhelmed at the same time.

  • Reese Woods

    I think learning to accept that failure is a component along the path to success is what holds most people back. Sometimes even the fear of failure can keep us from getting started! But you are so right. It’s a part of a journey. And it’s okay to have to start fresh or problem solve as you go without giving up!

  • Belle

    I love this and it can be applied to any aspect of life! We learn the most when we fail and it’s an important part of the journey. It’s how we get through it and learn from it that counts. xx

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