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Kickass Your Day With A Morning Routine

If you read the interviews of the successful people around the globe, you will find one thing in common. They all have a morning routine that they follow rigorously, no matter what. 

Having a morning routine is critical to ensure that you have a productive day ahead. If your morning goes well, you can be sure of the fact that your entire day will be good. There are many websites out there that will suggest you to do an ample number of things in your morning routine, and that can be very intimidating! Such a large list prevent us from taking even the very first step thinking that we are not capable enough to follow the morning routine. And we don’t want that, so I am going to keep this list short. We are going to focus on only three habits that you need to follow in your morning routine. Once you start including these habits consistently in your morning routine, feel free to add more habits. 


First thing first, you need to wake up early to have a morning routine. Isn’t that obvious? Start following the habits listed out in this post, once you develop the habit of waking up early. No matter which day it is, always try to wake up before 8.30 AM. If you have difficulty waking up early, start using the Alarmy app. This alarm app works for me, and it might work for you as well. Once you have woken up, do the following things as a part of your morning ritual. 

3 Things That You Should Include In Your Morning Ritual

1. Make your bed

After taking up, you do not want to hit the bed again out of laziness, right? As soon as you wake up, make your bed. This will be your first accomplishment of the day. And also along with it, clean your surrounding. Once you have a clean bed and a surrounding, you are ready to move towards your next habit. I want to point out that bed is a place to sleep and so, keep it reserved for having a good night sleep only. Never make your bed, your working site. 


2. Exercise to pump up your body

Once you are done making the bed, drink a warm glass of water. If possible, go for lukewarm lemon water. And then turn on your music and start your workout. If you have a gym membership, hit the gym. If not, you can take help of apps like Healthify Me and 7 Minutes. You also have the option of switching on any random YouTube exercise videos. Exercise for at least 30 minutes to pump up your body. 


3. Create a to-do list

It’s now the perfect time for scheduling your day. Open your journal or grab a pad of sticky notes and write down your top three priorities of the day. Once, you have created your priority list; you can add other less important things to your to-do list. And now on the basis of the to-do list that you have just created, schedule your day. And remember, creating a to-do list is not enough, you have to take actions too. The satisfaction that you will get once you have ticked off all the items from your to-do list will be immense, and you will get addicted to this newly formed habit. [Read: Forget Multitasking, Welcome Monotasking]


With these three actions done in your morning, you will know that you have accomplished something significant in the morning itself. And with this sense of accomplishment, you are all ready to proceed ahead with your day!


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