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Kill The Self-Doubt To Grow Your Business4 min read

I have often heard phrases like:

“You are lazy.”

“You are not beautiful enough.”

“You don’t have the potential to do it.”

“That idea sounds so absurd!”

“You are not intelligent enough.”

I am sure you have heard your share of negative comments too. 

Such comments make us feel bad. But what we don’t realize is that gradually due to such negative feedbacks, we start doubting ourself. And this self-doubt can kill the business that you are planning to start or might have already begun. 


Self-Doubt is your biggest enemy

self-doubtSelf-doubt is your biggest enemy, and you need to eliminate this self-doubt to soar high in every part of your life. The very first thing that you need to do for getting rid of this self-doubt is to let go of the negative people in your life. Are you getting a negative vibe from someone? Just show them the door! The only person who needs to believe in you is you. Believe in yourself and be prepared to work hard.

Gain back your self-confidence

Try creating a list of all your accomplishments and feel good about yourself. You have to gain back your self-confidence. Remember that the only person who needs to believe in you is you. You can win back your confidence [Read: How to build self-confidence?] by following these simple tips:

  1. Groom yourself
  2. Think positive and know yourself
  3. Be kind and generous
  4. Set a small goal and achieve it
  5. Exercise
  6. Empower yourself with knowledge
  7. Sharpen your skill
  8. Clean your surrounding
  9. Visualize yourself as you want to be
  10. Stop comparing yourself with other
  11. Accept and learn from your mistake
  12. Fake it till you make it
  13. Focus on your body language
  14. Keep a growth mindset
  15. Persistence is the key
  16. Be patient with yourself 

Face your fear!

What forms of self-doubt can an entrepreneur feel?

Being an entrepreneur, you might encounter questions like:

  1. What if your ideas fail?
  2. What if someone copies your idea?
  3. You don’t have the required capital. Would you be able to compete against the shark in the market?
  4. Will leaving your corporate job for your start-up prove to be disastrous?
  5. Start-up is risky. Am I ready to take the risk?

If you want to step in the entrepreneurial journey, you have to be thick-skinned. [Read: Journey of An Entrepreneur: Success Through Failure]You need to do your homework well, research is the key! Prepare yourself. If you have encountered the questions mentioned above, it means you doubt yourself, and you cannot do that. Self-Doubt is destructive and it will stop you from taking the very first step. Things might not turn the way you want them to become but it might also give you a success that you never thought in your wildest dream.


No matter whether you succeed or fail, you will gain experiences and lessons. We have heard things like “Once a loser, always a loser.” You need to know that it’s only true if you believe it. Again, I am stating that you need to believe in yourself. And for doing that, you need to focus on the positive aspects of your life. Don’t wait for a miracle to happen, create your own miracle!

What to do about your past?

self-doubtIf you are whining about the fact that you had a sad past and that’s why you are like this. You need to know that you can allow your past either to define you or to refine you. Choose the latter and do the things that you always wanted to do, no matter how afraid you are!  Change the direction of your life by letting go of the self-doubt. Take tiny steps to grow your business and you will see the success soon. As soon as self-doubting thoughts start hitting you, change the direction of your thoughts. Start your day with a positive affirmation and stick by it. 

Do not let your past or negative people around you define your present and the future. If you won’t be doing the things that you want to do, when are you planning to do them? In your next life? That doesn’t sound a good idea to me! People might laugh at you and criticize you, but you need to keep your ship sailing. If not you, who will change your life for good?


joy over misery,

fulfillment over the emptiness,

freedom over imprisonment,

Choose your success!

That too, each time when you have to make a choice!

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  1. Another negative thought to watch out for is “I will never have enough time for that.” In reality, you make time for what you prioritize for.

    Nice article. I enjoyed the read.

    1. Thank you and yes, you said it right. It is all about priority!

  2. Victoria Sophie says:

    I love this so much! It’s so understanding and I highly appreciate the tips! they are awesome!! thanks for sharing

    1. The pleasure is all mine!

  3. “You need to know that you can allow your past either to define you or to refine you.” This is very true. It is our obstacles that make us stronger and more resilient. Similarly, I struggled with a long time with beating myself up over mistakes I’d made in the past or ways I acted that I am not so proud of, but now I realize I just need to learn from those mistakes and move on.

    1. I am so happy to know that with all the valuable lessons, you are moving on!

  4. Self doubt is usually the biggest thing in most people’s way. Great tips!

  5. I have such an issue with self doubt and I needed to read this today. Thank you!

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