Types Of Work We Consider

Passionate Chic is all about delivering the most compelling and empowering content for the mind, body and spirit. Yes, we want to get everything fully covered!

The Passionate Chic will carry a bunch of sparkling articles on the following themes:

  • Productivity
  • Self-Improvement
  • Relationship
  • Wellness (Physical and Mental)
  • Life Lessons
  • Reviews (of books and productivity apps)

The best way to find the kind of work we publish is to read what we have already published. If you think you have something great that you haven’t seen in Passionate Chic, feel free to send it! Whenever in doubt, just do it!

Format Of Submission

Your writing can be in the form of essays, fiction, non-fiction, interviews and even poetry! We are very liberal with the categories. If you have something that doesn’t fit in the general categories, feel free to throw the content in our inbox!

Please follow the format of submission to make the task easier for both of us. You need to follow a few simple requests:

  • The submission length should be 500 -3000 words. Of course, poetry is an exception!
  • Send your work as a Word document. Use the “Times New Roman” font style and keep the font size 12.
  • Please include your bio in the third-person and don’t use more than 50 words for it. Don’t forget to send an awesome image of yours! We will need it for the author’s introduction. Please fit this information in the body of the e-mail. If you run a blog/website, include it too!
  • The subject of the email should be “Title Of Your Work – Full Name – Word Count”.
  • Send a full proofread work. We don’t have the luxury to consider enormous revisions.
  • Send your work with love to [email protected]
  • Work submitted must be previously unpublished digitally.

Submission to Passionate Chic are open till 20th of every month.

What We Don’t Publish

Passionate Chic, WILL NOT, under any circumstances, publish content that portrays any of the following without proper justification or in some positive light:

  • sexism
  • racism
  • homophobia
  • trans-phobia
  • any other forms of discrimination


Q- Do we accept multiple submissions?

A- Yes, we accept multiple submissions. However, a maximum of one work will be published.

Q- Do we accept simultaneous submission?

A- Sorry, we don’t.

Q- What is the response time?

A- We are pretty fast! We will give you a response within 7 days. Pinky promise!

Q- Can I publish my work later in other platforms?

We reserve the Non-Exclusive First World Rights. Sounds, fancy? Well, nothing to worry about. All that we are asking for is the first-time electronic publication. After you work is published in the e-magazine, please wait for it to appear as blog post. Once, published as a blog post, you are free to submit it elsewhere.

Any other queries? Please mail your query to [email protected]

Read On, You Might Want To Know This Too!

When you submit your work to Passionate Chic, you are adding yourself to our contact list. Well, trust us, you won’t regret it! BTW, it also means that you are giving your consent to receive our monthly subscription. Of course, you have the freedom to unsubscribe whenever you want!

Apart from publishing your content in the e-magazine of Passionate Chic, we will also publish it as a blog post (except for poetry) and it will be promoted on different social media platforms. Once posted, we will provide you with the link, so that, you can share it with your loved ones.

The contributor will get a copy of the e-magazine and few lovely worksheets that you can use to enhance your beautiful life further. You will be also awarded a digital certificate for your contribution. In addition to that, you can provide us the e-mail id of one of your loved people. And we will send them a coupon code which they can use to grab a copy of the magazine at 50% off.