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Prepare Yourself For 2019 Right Now!

We all have this notion that 1st January is some sort of magical day when everything will change magically. If you are someone who is waiting for 1st January, then let me remind you that there is nothing special about this date. You might be waiting for the new year to create a change for the good. But why do you have to wait for the new year? You will not magically pick up a habit or a new lifestyle on that very day. So, the wiser thing to do is focus on today. Start working on your goals right now instead of waiting for the year of 2019. It’s time for you to prepare yourself for 2019 right now! Give yourself a head start right now. Here are three tips for preparing yourself for 2019 right now. 

1. Analyze this year

Take a paper and a pen and analyse your year in 2018. What were your top achievements? What made you feel good? Did you complete your goals? What went wrong and what did you learn from it? Before starting a new year plan, it is very important to have a proper analysis, so that you can improve your upcoming year. While analyzing the year, have a positive outlook towards everything. 


2. Create the goals

List down all the things that you want to achieve in the next one year. Creating a goal is not enough. Break your major goals into small goals and create a proper action plan to achieve those goals. Let’s suppose you want to create your Instagram followers in six digits in the next year. Break down this yearly goal into monthly goals. Starting with 10k followers in January 2019 sounds good, right? And the next step is to create an action plan. How many posts will be there in a day? Are you going to post photographs, quotes or will you be starting a microblog on Instagram? Decide now! 


3. Start taking action now!

Creating a plan is not enough if you do not take any actions on it. You have analyzed the year, you have created the goals and now it’s time for you to take action. Do you want to start a blog? Buy the domain and choose your theme now! You want to crack an important exam, start studying now. Do not allow the excitement of new year to stop yourself from taking actions right now. Tie your ponytails high and turn on your hustle mode today itself!


You do not need a new day or year to start making a positive change in your life. Today is real and make the most of it now. Focus on “Now” instead of “Tomorrow”. 

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