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    How To Stop Worrying And Start Living – 1

    How is the new normal treating you? Did you finally learn to deal with the entire COVID situation, or are you still in the process of learning it? The entire lockdown has been tough on me! After surviving COVID, I realized that my mental health was all messed up. The constant worry for the safety of my family, the fear of getting reinfected again, the concern about my M.Phil research work, the worry about gaining weight, and what not! Perhaps, this is the reason why I ended up buying “How To Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie. I am done with all the worrying stuff, and I want…

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    Conversations with Good Men by Bethel Swift

    β€œWhat is Love?” is a question that has perplexed and led to many a discussion, from the ancient Greek forums to songs by Haddaway. Answers to this question range from examinations on societal and cultural trends and traditions, emotionally abstract ponderance, and coldly logical statistical analysis. While there may be no one answer to this seemingly basic question, how an artist or individual interprets acts as a Rorschach test of themselves, giving one an idea of exactly what routes in life could lead to such a response. A Little About Conversations By Bethel Swift This same question is posited on the cover of Conversations with Good Men, the debut poetry…