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Take Action Even When You Are Afraid

Taking the first step is dreadful. Is it wrong to be afraid? No, it’s not. You don’t need to be confident always. Do you know what’s more important? To take the damn action! Take your first baby step when you are afraid. Eventually, confidence will follow for sure.  Many times, the fear itself stops us from taking action. The fear stops you from becoming your best version. There’s a reason why it is said that growth lies outside the comfort zone.

Why Are We Afraid To Take The First Step?

Everyone feels safe inside their cocoon. When you decide to take the first step, you are making a decision to expose yourself to the unknown. The unknown circumstance can either bring your failure and rejection or success and rewards. We are afraid of failure and rejection.  When you take the first step, you will notice that the fear starts to get dissolved magically. Also, I want to tell you that it’s okay to be apprehensive when one faces challenges. It’s natural, okay?

Tips To Take The First Step By Overcoming Your Fear


Scared? Well, don’t be. Here are a few tips which will help you to take the first step by overcoming your fear. 

1.Focus on the first step 

A long journey can be overwhelming. Similarly, always keeping your eyes focused on the result can be overwhelming too. When you plan to move out of your comfort zone, shift your complete focus on the first step, and just start. Leap, and don’t get intimated. 


2.All the baby steps count

It’s not a secret that all the baby steps count. Many of us tend to sideline our small wins. Don’t do that. All the steps that you are taking, all your minor accomplishments count. Be proud of them, and celebrate all your success. 


3.Keep your feelings aside and take action 

If your feelings are not helping you, if they are pushing you back or preventing you from moving towards your goal, sideline them for some time. Switch off your emotional button and start hustling. Feelings and emotions are important for sure, but negative feelings like too much fear can be hard to handle. If you can address your issues, else ignore it and move ahead in a situation like this. 

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4.Break your big goals into smaller goals

Just like an end can be overwhelming, a bigger picture can intimidating too. You can break down your big goal into smaller and manageable goals that are easy to track and achieve. 


5.You can always change your mind

You are living in a free world. After taking the first steps, if at any time, you feel that you aren’t enjoying it, you can always change your mind! You don’t need to feel any shame about it. You are simply making a wise decision. Also, the journey is important, right?


Lastly, I would like to say that don’t be afraid to fail. Be proud of it. Failing means that you are trying, and when you try, you grow. Be happy and be proud of the fact that you are growing as a person. Gain as many experiences as you can, and enjoy life!

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