TinyChange Pro Planner Review

TinyChange 2021 Pro Planner Review

TinyChange 2021 Pro Planner Review

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Should You Buy This Planner?

Definitely, yes! It is one of the best planner available in India that serves the purpose well.


I am a huge sucker of stationery products. Is it sensical if I say that I have tons of planners? Well, I guess so, what else can you expect from a stationery lover? Today, I will be reviewing the TinyChange 2021 ProPlanner Review. I’ve been using the TinyChange Planner since a long time. I have their dated and undated planner and I had to lay my hand on the new TinyChange 2021 ProPlanner. I placed its order way back in November because I had to start planning in advance. No points for guessing that I’m a huge planner. 

TinyChange Planner Review

Without further ado, let’ me give you a detailed review of the product. 


The planner arrived in a wonderful black box with the quote., “Big Ideas Have Small Beginning”. The golden quote appears bright against the black background with golden dots. The very first look of the product wows you and you get the feeling that you are about to conquer the universe! Trust me, if you use the planner properly, you might actually conquer the universe! 



The cover of the planner is plain black. The logo and the name of the planner is embossed in golden color against the black cover. Nothing fascinating there. It looks good but not great. The entire planner is in the shade of black, brown and grey, which might give both classy and dull look depending upon your taste. 


For me, personally, I would have preferred the planner a bit colourful.  There’s space for coloring in all the monthly dividers, you can use it to make your planner a bit colorful. Also, you can glam it up with stickers and colorful pens! 



The TinyChange 2021 ProPlanner is a huge planner. It doesn’t come in the usual A5 size. It’s available in the B5 size which is larger than the classic planner of TinyChange. 

For me that’s a relief because the large size of the planner provides you with ample amount of pace to plan your year, month and day. The time block for each day, plus the weekly overview in a single glance is possible because of the size of the planner. 

FUNCTIONALITY OF TinyChange 2021 Pro Planner

What’s the point of having a planner if it doesn’t serve its functionality. When it comes to functionality, I will have to give full points to this planner. It has made planning everything so easy! Wondering why? I will tell you! 

To make it easier for you to understand the functionality, I will break the planner into sections. This will give you a clear idea about the content of the planner. 

Section A: Life Compass Of TinyChange 2021 Pro Planner

1. My True Self 

This section will help you to know and understand yourself in a better manner. This in turn will help you in living a conscious life. Intriguing questions like if you had all the money in the world, how would you spend your time will make you think real hard. 


Tip: Devote sufficient time for filling this section as this will help you to figure out what you really want in your life. 

2. My Life Achievements 

When was the last time when you looked back at your achievement. Ask yourself when was the last time when you realized that you have crossed a milestone? Most of time, we let of our wins, especially the small ones without appreciating it much. This section will help you to look back and count your achievements. 


3. My Dream Life: Master List Of Goals

When we were younger, we used to dream without any boundation. Even our goals had to limitation. Do you remember the days back when we used to fill our aim in slam books? From astronaut to scientist, everything seemed so achievable. Then, reality hit hard and we became practical without our dreams and goals. 

This section encourage you to go back to your childhood days and list your dream goals freely. In this section, you need to write about 30 things that you want to achieve in the next 30 years. 

Tip: Let go of the constraints while jotting down these goals. 

4. My Core Values 

This section will help you to identify your five core values. The page has a list of 120 core values. You need to underline the core values with whom you could resonate yourself and then finalize the top 5 core values. 


5. Quality Of Life: Current State

After performing the task listed here, you will be able to identify the areas of your life with which you are satisfied with and the area where you need to work.  

6. Key Learning From 2020

When you are planning, it is important to reflect back. Going to plan for 2021? Use this section to reflect on 2020. 

Section B: 2021 Road Map Of TinyChange 2021 Pro Planner

1. Identifying The Big 3 For 2021

In this section, you will list down the top 10 big goals for 2021. After that, you will have to score your goals on the basis of the following parameters:

  1. Time 
  2. Effort 
  3. Impact

After the final score, you will be able to identify your top 3 goals for 2021. 

2. 2021 Big Goal: Roadmap

After identifying the top 3 goals of 2021, you will have to use this section for understanding these goals better. You need to jot down till when you want to achieve the goal, why is it important for you. What are the milestones for this goal, what steps will you take to achieve these milestones and how will you reward yourself once you achieve these goals. 

3. Quality Of Life: 2021 Improvement Plan

Do you remember the section where you rated your current quality of life state? This section, take you to a step further. It will help you to list down the things that you need to do or habits that you need to break to improve your current state of quality of life. 

4. My Ideal Week Design 

Plan your ideal week in this section.

5. My Ideal Day Design 

In this section, you can plan your ideal day. This section is divided into four categories:

  1. Morning Routine (READ: Kickass Your Day With A Morning Routine)
  2. Workday Starter Routine
  3. Workday Closure Routine 
  4. Night Routine 

Section C: 2021 Planning Pages Of TinyChange 2021 Pro Planner

This section starts with 2021 calendar and dates to remember, followed by 2021 helicopter view. The monthly planning page followed by the weekly and daily planning page is there. 


The monthly planning page has the following elements:

  1. The theme of the month 
  2. The top 3 goals of the month
  3. The tasks that you need to complete in that month. To ensure that you focus in all the arenas, this section has further been divided int work, personal, thing ‘not to do’ and habit to build section. 
  4. How will you enhance the four quadrants (body, mind, relationship and world around you) of life. 

After the end of the month, the “End Of The Month Review” page appears which has the following section:

  1. Your wins
  2. What helped you to achieve your wins
  3. What did you fail to do?
  4. Your learnings 
  5. Self-evaluation section 
  6. Bottom line where on the basis of your review you decide what you will stop doing, what you will continue doing and what you will start doing

After the beginning of the monthly planning, you will see the weekly planning pages where you will have to fill the following information:

  1. The focus of the week 
  2. The habits that you want to track
  3. Weekly gratitude, achievements and learnings

Further, time block is created for each day which will undoubtedly help you in planning your day efficiently. Also, there is a space provided for you to jot down notes and doodle. In addition to that, the week start with a motivational quote and a weekly challenge. 


Section D: TinyChange Life Kit Of TinyChange 2021 Pro Planner

You can use this section to fill the following information:

  1. Bucket List
  2. Most Cherished Possessions
  3. Self-Care Plan
  4. Inspiring Quotes
  5. Binge-Watch
  6. My Wunderlist
  7. To Buy This Year
  8. Favorite Content Creators 
  9. Skills I Want To Build 
  10. My Power Network 
  11. Books To Read (READ: Why I Start My Day With A Self-Help Book?)
  12. Concepts To Learn
  13. Subscription Tracker 
  14. Ideal Monthly Budget
  15. Meal Planner
  16. Grocery Planner
  17. ID cards and Certificates
  18. Health and Measurement
  19. Home Cleaning Schedule
  20. Appliance Maintenance

You may fill the details that you think are relevant for you and ignore the rest. For instance, I won’t be using the appliance maintenance or the meal planner section. 


Free items that come along with the planner includes:

  1. 2021 wall planner
  2. Blank notebook 
  3. To-do listed
  4. Planning stickers 
  5. Thank you card 
  6. Mini posters 
TinyChange Free Gifts


The MRP of the planner is INR 2,499. However, it is available for INR 1,399 which I think is super affordable, considering the quality of the planner. 


If you want a good planner, you can go for TinyChange 2021 ProPlanner. You won’t regret the decision for a second! 

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