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Try Asking These 5 Questions Daily In 2021

Finally, 2021 is here! You must be ready with your resolutions and your plan to achieve the high goals. When we create our new year resolution, we focus on a macro scale. But your daily habits and routines decide whether you would be able to achieve and complete those resolutions or not. It becomes crucial to focus on your daily stuff to achieve something bigger later. One easy way of monitoring your daily routine is by asking the right question to yourself. And here are the five questions that you should ask yourself daily in 2021 to ensure you are engaging in personal development.

5 Questions That You Need To Ask Yourself Daily In 2021

1. How do I want to feel today? 

As soon as you wake up ask yourself how do you want to feel today. Answering this question will help you to keep yourself aligned with a positive thought. No one would answer that question by saying that they want to feel sad today. Right? This question will start your day with a positive affirmation. So, begin your day with this question. 

Ques: How do I want to feel today?

Ans: I want to feel confident. [Read: How to build self-confidence?]

Action: Dress up well and speak and act confidently. Are you afraid of asking that extra ketchup in a McDonald store? Go and do that! You want to feel confident!

Ques: How do I want to feel today?

Ans: I want to feel like a boss babe

Action Plan: Go and make that plan of yours to move forward. Arrange and organize things and hustle all day long. Engage in productive things. Tie your ponytail up, keep your head high and just hustle hard.

It works for real! Try doing this and let me know if you find any change in the process of carrying yourself throughout the day.


2. What are my top 3 priorities?

To be productive, you do not need to fill your schedule with many to-do lists. Just focus on the top three priorities. And simply asking this question is not enough, make sure that you get it done, no matter what! There is no room for any excuses. 


3. What book am I reading?

Learning is a lifelong process. And reading creates new ways for you to gain knowledge. Don’t limit yourself to any specific genre, explore everything. It doesn’t matter what you are reading but makes sure at least you are reading. You will grow wise with each book that you complete and you will fill empowered with knowledge which will further make you a more confident person. 


4. What lesson did I learn today?

Each and every day is magical. Do not just live the moments, learn from them. Get your own life lessons instead of reading a blog about someone’s else life lesson. Did you make a mistake? It’s cool, take your lesson from it. You did something great, and it made you feel good? Again, learn your lessons from it. 

5. How was my day?

You should end your day with the question “How was my day?” It will help you in making a reflection about your day. You will end up asking questions like if you have completed your top three priorities and did you engage in self-care? Were you kind and generous and all sort of other vital questions. And this question will help you with planning and having a better tomorrow. 

The questions will hardly take 3-4 minutes and without even realizing, you will see that you have improved as a better person. If needed, go and get a notebook to monitor these answers and let me know if it helped you. 


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